How It Came About...

I swim and would often get cramps in my feet and legs.  As this was something I talked about people told me to take magnesium.  I got the tablets, read the information on the container, followed the instructions, and waited for the results.  The expected results did not come.  My massage therapist told me about applying magnesium topically, and that the topical application of magnesium is more effective than oral application.  I could not get magnesium cream or balm in the shops, so I thought I better make my own.  The first batch was dreadful in terms of texture, but did a good job in terms of bringing relief, and that is where the idea started.
I made my first batch (of a substantially improved quality) and gave some to my children.  My son gave the jar I gave him to his massage therapist who was very pleased with the product and was for some time my biggest client.  I gave my massage therapist a jar as well, he was equally impressed with the results when he used it, and he too supplies the product to some of his clients.  One other massage therapist uses the magnesium balm as the point of difference in his massage clinic.  Since then I supply a few gyms, massage clinics and health and beauty spas with mainly magnesium balm, but some use the other products as well.